Door panels and carcass are two main parts of a cabinet. The durability is based on the structure of a carcass. The cabinet dimensions also affect the user's convenience. Our products are made by using the formal European cabinet making method that cabinet uses wood dowels and glue seamlessly binding together without nails and screws. It is also been placed in a press-forming machines for 30 minutes to insure its structure and durability. By using this time-consuming working process, so we offer you the highest quality assurance of our products.


Standard Specification

Base cabinet: 720*565 mm
Stainless steel base cabinet: 700*555 mm
Wall cabinet: 500/645/720/900*350 mm
Tall cabinet: 1500-2400*565 mm

Half-tall cabinet: 1200-1500*350/345/565 mm
Plinth: 100 mm

Wall unit is normally made from chipboard. Base unit is normally made from chipboard or stainless steel.

cabinet 03

cabinet 03

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