Business Philosophy


                                       Business Philosophy

                                       Our concept is to provide modern choice for managing your living space

                                       and your lifestyle. There is no need to abandon your existing furniture.At

                                       the time, we will save your valued time in comparison with the cost. Our

                                       design is also suitable for all kinds of drawer specifications.


                                       Upgrade to superior living

                                      Do you have problems how to manage too much stuff? Or are you not

                                      willing to open disordered drawers to your friends? Now we are able to

                                      fix these problems.


                                      Partition Design

                                      A separating frame group structure of a drawer is provided.The frame group

                                      structure includes a drawer separating frame (20,60,70) in combination with

                                      the drawer,the drawer separating frame being provided with a hollow space

                                      above it so as to lay aside goods,and being provided with a space in

                                      underneath of it. Slots (30) being inserted by the drawer separating frame

                                      (40,50,80,90) for locating the frame are arranged in the frame body so as to

                                      adjust the spatial size of the drawer.The frame group structure also includes

                                      at least one drawer separating board in combination with the drawer, the

                                      drawer separating board being provided with the angle in the two ends of it

                                      so as to locate the drawer separating frame by withstanding way, and being

                                      provided with a vertical board in the middle of it for the drawer separating

                                      frame to move and to adjust the spatial size of the drawer.


                                      All kinds of drawer partition style for worldwide

                                     Listed with variety of width, depth and height which meets customers’

                                     requests all over the world, such as OEM or ODM accounts (are always